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Installing WordPress Plugins

Always have a backup of your WordPress site, belt and braces is best. Use your file manager or FTP to

The “Perils of Plugin” – or how I learned to live dangerously

Why might I want a plugin? It does something that is useful that I don’t know how to do and

Sub-sub menu Twenty fourteen secondary menu is not aligned

A work round for where your sub menus in  Twenty fourteen secondary menu is not aligned, detached or overlaps. If

Removing “Proudly powered by WordPress”

You should always create a child theme for the theme you are using and modify those templates. If your web

Setting a different header image on a mobile phone

This method can be used both in a WordPress website or a non-WordPress web design.  Basically, I’ve made here an

Using CSS3 @media Rule to produce a responsive WordPress website design

Firstly, you can set style by selecting a particular style sheet for different screen resolutions or media types and devices.

Migrating your WordPress website to a new hosting

The best way to do this is to use a good Export Ppuging to back up your WordPress website’s content

Plugins that limit what certain admin users can do in WordPress.

As a WordPress website developer you sometimes you need to limit or extend what certain admin users can do in

Changing WordPress Twenty Fourteen’s navigation hover background

Simply add the following to your WordPress child menu theme’s style.css file. The colour here is set to dark grey

Centering WordPress Twenty Fourteen’s webpages

This is a useful trick when using the Twenty Fourteen theme to develop websites. In your WordPress website’s  ‘child theme’