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Vetting form input using PHP

Forms provide a really good way for a hacker to try and fiddle with the internal ‘gubbings’ of your PHP

Adding a WordPress PHP file to a theme without FTP

  Looking to add a  php file to your theme, but no FTP then try this. Some hosting servers will

WordPress Health Warning

Plugins can degrade the performance of your site and some may have security implications. Delete any plugin you no longer

How do I set up a theme ‘preview image’ for my child theme?

When choosing a WordPress theme in the Appearance sub-menu, the themes usually have an image you can see to identify

Changing the header colour on WordPress Parallax theme

You need to edit the style.css file.  Simply search for the id,   navigation_menu.container-full-width and change background-color to the hex value

Gasp… Chinese characters on my WordPress Website!

You’ve been hacked my friend…   The above, Gwent-based,  WordPress site was probably Chinese hacked because the developer did not

What is the best way to avoid my WordPress website being hacked?

Number one has to  be…. Make sure you have the latest version of WordPress installed. You must also use a

How do I stop so many hits for wp-login.php?

Why are there so many hits forWordPress file  wp-login.php when I rarely log in?  Because bots are trying to hack

How do I check my version of WordPress without logging in?

Simply load your home page into a browser and select “view source.”  Most browsers can  display the web page source.

WordPress’ xmlrpc.php high number of hits in the log

This file allows remote posting to your blog using an XML-RPC client.  If you only post on your WordPress site