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Transferring files from your PC to the website server

Example features Windows 10 First load Windows file explorer (not Internex Explorer or any other browser). You can find File

01 Website design CSS 3 Primer

CSS is an abreviation of Cascading Style Sheets. It’s purpose in web design is the HTML elements will appear on

Using CSS 3, how can I make my website logo image fade in

Let’s assume your image has an id tag called logo in your html <img id=”logo” src=”/img/mylogo.jpg”> All you have to

Installing WordPress Plugins

Always have a backup of your WordPress site, belt and braces is best. Use your file manager or FTP to

The “Perils of Plugin” – or how I learned to live dangerously

Why might I want a plugin? It does something that is useful that I don’t know how to do and

Setting a different header image on a mobile phone

This method can be used both in a WordPress website or a non-WordPress web design.  Basically, I’ve made here an

Using CSS3 @media Rule to produce a responsive WordPress website design

Firstly, you can set style by selecting a particular style sheet for different screen resolutions or media types and devices.

How do I use both a SEO keyword rich domain name and a brand orientated domain for a single website?

A good website designer should know the answer to this one. Simply host your website (html or WordPress)  using the

CSS using ‘margin auto’ but won’t centre

So you are trying to be a good web developer and using CSS to centre an element within your website

How do I apply multiple CSS classes to a HTML tags when website designing?

Applying the website design classes To use more than one class inside the HTML tag in the  class attribute, simply