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What is SEO Waffle? – This bit is!

Search Engine Optimisation WAFFLE! Try and avoid irrelevant website copy like this it will not aid the ultimate aim of

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Website Developers’ Basic Rules

 Key words are the terms you think your prospective viewers will put in. They may not actually be the ones

Some ideas that will help you promote your own website.

Direct Ways Listed in search engines Listed in directories, including local UK-based ones Exchange Banners or links with other websites.

Adding SEO to WordPress

Technical SEO’s meta tag components can be added to a WordPress website by installing a plug in like “Add Meta

What SEO should I avoid?

Blog and forum posting tools that automatically produce large number of fuzzy quality links. Bad grammar – Search engines check

The Black Hat Arts

The naughty boy techniques are known as spamdexing, search engine spam, search engine poisoning, back hat SEO and so forth.

Google says robots.txt ok, but description for this result is not available.

So you have set up your WordPress site along with a robots.txt and a Google web tools account. Google says

WordPress SEO Visibility setting – Don’t use it…

If you look in the WordPress ‘Settting’ menu, submenu option ‘Reading,’ you’ll find the box below – On no account